Muziwemvelo Electrical Engineers & Contractors

Muziwemvelo is a 100% black owned and 100% Black Woman owned company based in Lephalale.The company consists of the Electrical Engineering and Contracting group and the Renewable energy group. Mvelo has worked with international players such as Enel Green Energy in the construction of 2 solar parks namely Tom Burke and Paleisheuwel.Both of these major projects required the design and construction of the step up substation of which Mvelo was a major role player to the successful completion of these projects which brought some relief to these verely constrained South African Grid at the time. The company boasts of a skilled and experienced work force that is committed to meeting the goal of the employer. Mvelo iss eeking opportunities in the Electrical industry in South Africa and abroad.
1.To see every home, office and business in South Africa producing Part or all of their Electrical Energy requirements through Solar Energy.

2.To see every roof-top equipped with a Solar Water Heater

In order for this vision to come to pass we must:

1.Ensure that every home, business & office in South Africa know about our business(aggressive Marketing)

2.Ensure that we educate people that they can take advantage of solar energy to produce their energy requirements & save thousands on Electricity bills

3.Provide excellent products build a reputation of excellence